Friday, December 25, 2009

diam2 ubi.....

salam semua..sori sebab lama menghilang.. skung currently busy with my final design project for my course. industrial design.. seriously busy... cannt upload design that i already done. erm to all the give aways winner, insyaAllah next week i will post all the birdies..sbb baru jer dapat all of the adress. n currently im struggle my the design project....iD. wish me luck. this is my final year in uni life..ehhehe

currently progress...
finish up all the orders from tje customer..as soon as i cann
rebranding for the LETSCRAFT.BLOGSPOT.COM ( logo, banner n business card)
paperbag, and wedding card invitation for HAZCOPRINT ENT.
paper tag for clothes and paper tag for craft for ZUREYNE.BLOGSPOT.COM

wish me luck...thnks

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